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Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Buy-to-let properties investments is an ever-growing market in the UK. Investors will purchase properties to let to tenants in hope that the financial income will out-weigh the initial costs. To do this you will need a specialist type of mortgage if you cannot purchase the property outright.

Here at Premier Choice, we are able to offer you support when it comes to securing the best buy-to-let mortgage deal tailored to your needs and circumstances. Cutting through the jargon to help you to understand the entire process, we are able to use our vast network of lenders to help to secure you the best deal possible, ultimately helping you to get the most from your investments.

How They Differ From ‘Regular’ Residential Mortgages

A buy-to-let (BTL) is a property purchased by an investor and rented out to a tenant to provide a regular stream of income. Property investors are able to take advantage of specialist BTL mortgages that give them the capital needed to purchase the property, which is loaned against the house they’re buying.

The difference between a regular residential mortgage and a BTL is that a buy-to-let mortgage is assessed on the profitability of the property in questions – how much rent it can potentially generate, offset against the cost of the mortgage. A regular mortgage is solely based on the owner’s personal financial circumstances.

Another key difference is that you cannot rent out a property that you have a regular mortgage on, to tenants. Other slight differences with a BTL include higher interest rates, a larger minimum deposit to cover a larger percentage of the property’s value and arrangement fees, which are also higher than regular mortgages.

With so much to think about, it’s understandable if the prospect of becoming a buy-to-let landlord seems confusing – don ‘t let it be. Here at Premier Choice, we can help to source the best buy-to-let mortgage deals that will suit you and your budget.

It can be easy to spend too much time, visiting only a handful of lenders who are unable to offer terms that are preferable to you. Don’t let that put you off – as mortgage brokers, we can source a vast range of deals that would be ideal for your requirements.

Let Premier Choice Help You To Find The Right Type Of Mortgage To Get The Most Out Of Your Buy-To-Let Properties.

At Premier Choice, we want to share our knowledge and insight of the mortgage industry with you, in order to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing your own buy-to-let. Regardless if you need help on improving your credit score or to better understand the mortgaging process, we are on hand to offer all the advice you need.

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(1)The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate all Buy to Let mortgages.

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