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Yes providing your income meets the affordability with lenders.

We have several lenders that specialise in debt consolidation.

Yes providing your income meets the affordability with lenders.

Not necessarily with some lenders they have build in a stress test. Its always best to discuss it first before paying off.

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Yes subject to meeting criteria.

Yes there are lenders that will allow up to 4 applicants.

You can also have your parent on the mortgage but not on the deeds.


There are a whole host of benefits when it comes to remortgaging your property. Whether you’re looking for a better deal, to free up more cash or to avoid the potential of high-interest rates, we can find a solution for you.

Many people are currently paying more than they need to on their mortgages and would be much better off switching to a new deal – this is why here at Premier Choice, we are on hand to source the market, getting you the best possible remortgage deal to achieve your whatever your aims may be.

What Is Remortgaging? How Can I Take Advantage?

Remortgaging is the process of switching from your current mortgage deal, to a new one – with the same or different lender. Around the time when the fixed or introductory tracker or discounted rate on your mortgage ends, you will be placed onto a long-term variable rate (usually the lender’s standard variable rate – SVR) which has tended to be higher than the rate that you would get with a new mortgage deal. This is why so many people make the switch.

Other reasons to remortgage include:

  • You need to borrow more but your current lender has said no or the terms on offer aren’t helpful to what you want. Remortgaging with a new lender may help to raise the money via lower rates.

  • A significant rise in the Bank of England’s interest rates may affect your mortgage payments, dependent on the type of deal you have. Striking a new mortgage deal may help to avoid any negative effects.

  • If you want to overpay on your loan but your lender won’t let you, remortgaging will help to create a better deal in which you can so.

How We Can Help You To Remortgage

At Premier Choice, we pride ourselves on our approach to customer service – as a local Oxfordshire mortgage broker, we endeavour to find bespoke solutions for all of our clients. After all, what is your home if it isn’t bespoke to you?

We aim to make arranging for a remortgage as straightforward as possible. By using our constantly updated mortgage sourcing system that contains a comprehensive database of lenders, we are able to locate the right deal to suit whatever your circumstances dictate. Not only can our service help you to get the best terms but it will also prevent you from wasting valuable time, arranging appointments and visiting only a small selection of lenders.

If you need any further information on how negotiating a new mortgage would be of benefit to you, please do not hesitate to get in
touch with our dedicated remortgaging advisers today by calling us on 01993 705106.

  1. This information is a guide only and should not be relied on as a recommendation or advice that any particular mortgage is suitable for you.

  2. All mortgages are subject to the applicant(s) meeting the eligibility criteria of lenders.

  3. Make an appointment to receive mortgage advice suitable for your needs and circumstances.

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